Shameless: Trial Lawyers Solicit 'Last Call' for AOB Lawsuits While Blatantly Promising New Tactics to Thwart Just Passed AOB Reform Legislation

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (April 26, 2019) –Any doubt that Assignment of Benefits abuse exists?

Even before the ink on the just-passed legislation has dried and Governor Ron DeSantis has had a chance to sign the bill into law, a new video by Orlando trial lawyer Harvey Cohen, the self-proclaimed inventor of Florida’s current AOB phenomenon, calls on vendors to send in as many AOBs as possible for litigation before the new AOB reform law takes effect July 1. AND Cohen promises he has some new tactics to share to thwart the good, commonsense consumer protection bill passed this week by the Florida Legislature and sent to Governor DeSantis for signing. These types of litigation-for-profit schemes by billboard trial attorneys cost all Florida insurance consumers in the form of higher rates.

“It is precisely this type of gaming of the system that has hurt Florida’s hardworking families and fueled out-of-control AOB litigation, fraud and abuse in both property and auto insurance,” the Consumer Protection Coalition said in a statement this afternoon. “Florida’s legislators and other senior elected leaders should be aware that there are already blatant efforts underway to erode the good reforms that the Legislature has just passed on AOB property abuse, even before the ink on the legislation has dried and Governor DeSantis has had a chance to sign the bill into law.”

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