Protecting Consumers from Fraud and Abuse


Runaway attorney fees are what fuels a lawsuit frenzy in Florida that unnecessarily increases the cost of home and auto insurance, ensnares thousands of unsuspecting consumers and clogs our court system with questionable lawsuits. It’s time to address attorney fee abuse and Florida’s wild west lawsuit environment.


Each year, thousands of Florida auto insurance policyholders are ensnared in lawsuits with their insurance companies – without their knowledge and against their wishes – due to rampant abuse related to Assignment of Benefits and windshield repairs. AOB auto glass abuse is still a big problem and Florida’s policymakers must address this unfinished business as part of comprehensive AOB reform.

PIP Reform

Florida’s no-fault/PIP auto insurance system has for years been rife with fraud and abuse that has spawned a cottage industry of questionable pain clinics and drives up the cost of coverage for the state’s motorists. Florida legislators must assure that any efforts to replace PIP produce real savings for consumers.


Florida’s home and auto insurance policyholders are often targeted by unscrupulous repair vendors and trial attorneys for schemes that drive up the cost of insurance for everyone. Protecting consumers for unnecessary high costs and abuse due to the state’s out-of-control litigation environment – and advocating for sound public policy that puts consumers first – is the mission of the Consumer Protection Coalition.

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