Each year, thousands of Florida auto insurance policyholders are ensnared in lawsuits with their insurance companies – without their knowledge and against their wishes – due to rampant abuse related to Assignment of Benefits and windshield repairs. AOB auto glass abuse is still a big problem and Florida’s policymakers must address this unfinished business as part of comprehensive AOB reform.

BEWARE of Windshield Bullies

Have you ever been approached at a gas station or car wash by those pushy guys who want to fix your windshield even though it might not be damaged at all? Auto glass harvesters are getting consumers to sign AOBs – or their equivalents - to take control of their policies and essentially step between the consumer and their insurer. They’re called windshield bullies and you really have to be on guard when approached by one.


Here’s a real customer who got bullied into filing an unnecessary insurance claim. 


Here's what you need to know:


Fraudulent windshield repair is happening at gas stations, car washes, even door to door.

WHO (Causes it)?

Aggressive strangers are typically pushy and may offer you incentives like free cash rebates or gift cards.

WHO (is affected by it)?

Florida drivers. When fraudulent claims and lawsuit costs increase, so do your premiums.


According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), "questionable" vehicle glass claims increased 527% in the first half of 2010.

HOW (does it hurt you?)

Fraudulent claims can drive up the cost of your car insurance, result in cancellation of your policy or even put your safety at risk if the windshield is not installed properly.

WHAT (can we do about it)?

Educate policyholders on the importance of selecting a reputable provider. 

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