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Consumer Protection Coalition statement on the passage of Senate Bill 54

For Immediate Release:

April 30, 2021


For Consumer Protection Coalition:

Megan Sweat, (850-521-1258),

“The Consumer Protection Coalition is disappointed that the Florida Legislature passed a PIP repeal bill that will result in significant auto insurance rate increases for thousands of motorists while failing to fully address the excessive amount of auto accident litigation that is driving up costs for consumers.

“Legislators passed this sweeping overhaul of Florida’s auto insurance system without any detailed analysis of the impacts on Floridians and despite one study’s findings that nearly 40 percent of motorists will see their annual premiums increase anywhere from $165 to $876 annually under the bill. Many Florida families are still recovering financially from the COVID-19 pandemic and this legislation will increase costs on those who can least afford it.

“It is also notable that this bill passed without the support of a single auto insurer out of concerns of what it will do to rates for their consumers.

“The CPC urged from the start that any repeal and replacement of PIP must achieve three basic goals:

either produce cost savings for Floridians or improve the value of their coverages; improve and not worsen Florida’s already excessive litigation environment; and limit government-mandated coverages that lead to higher premiums and even more drivers choosing to go uninsured.

“Unfortunately, Senate Bill 54 fails to achieve any of those goals, and on behalf of Florida consumers, the CPC urges Governor Ron DeSantis to examine the potential cost impact this legislation will pose on Florida consumers and consider vetoing the bill if it is found to raise rates and not decrease litigation.”


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