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Consumer Protection Coalition statementon Florida Senate panel’s discussion on PIP Reform

The Consumer Protection Coalition, spearheaded by the Florida Chamber of Commerce, issued the following statement today in conjunction with the Florida Senate and Banking Insurance Committee’s discussion on Senate Bill 54, which would repeal the state’s existing No-Fault/PIP auto insurance system and replace it with a new system:

“Florida’s no-fault/PIP insurance system has a long history of fraud and abuse, and consumers have a direct stake in the outcome of the Legislature’s important, renewed discussions on whether to repeal and replace it with a new system. If legislators do move forward with repeal, the Consumer Protection Coalition urges that any replacement system either produces cost savings for Floridians or improves the value of required coverages, rather than increases the cost of purchasing and maintaining insurance in the state. Additionally, the coalition urges legislators to assure that the new system improves, and does not exacerbate, Florida’s already excessive litigation environment.”

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